Joint Meeting of MTP Gen. HQ and MTP Town Branch.

The meeting took place on Saturday, February 25, 2023 at 11:30 am in the Environment & Forest Department Hall. Puhpa Pakhaw Choza, President of MTP General Headquarters, Siaha, presided over the Joint Meeting.

The meeting was opened by the chairman after asking Puhpa S. Vabeihasa, Senior Vice President, MTP Gen.HQ, Siaha, to lead a prayer for the gathering.

The General Secretary, Puhpa Israel Chozah. MTP Gen. Headquarters, Siaha laid out the official agendas after summarizing different actions, reports, and accomplishments over the last three months (Dec.-Feb. to date).

Official agendas for the day were as follows:-

1) The establishment of the Maraland Anti Drug Committee (MAD-Comm), which was comprised of representatives from all NGOs operating within the Siaha District of the MADC, and its role in the formation of the aforementioned cell among towns and villages within.

2) Construction of a checkpoint/gate at the Siaha Tlapi and Siaha short-cut road.

3) MAD-Comm fund-raising efforts.

4) The ILP&Anti Illegal Trade Cell, which was established by all NGOs, the MADC, Siaha, and other parties.

5) Any urgent AOBs.

The meeting determined and approved the underlined points after a thorough and serious debate.

1) The meeting agreed that MAD-Comm should exist under the proviso that MAD-Comm must choose a name that reflects each member’s designation. Also, the name should benefit MTP and be convenient for them in order to form a successful team for the aforementioned committee.

2) It was decided at the meeting to establish checkpoints and checkgates at Siaha Tlapi and Siaha Shortcut Road (Meisatla) and to accept rotational duty for all branches.

3) The meeting approves MAD-Comm fundraising.

4) The meeting properly acknowledged the ILP&Anti Illegal Trade Cell, which had been established by all NGOs, MADC, ECM, and CCIM.

Senior Vice President Puhpa S. Vabeihasa. Siaha, MTP Gen.HQ, gave a vote of appreciation to adjourn the meetinng.

Written by: N.Solomon Beihlotha, AGS and Admin (MTP Gen.HQ, Siaha)

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