Mega Drug Disposal by Shri MH.Tiabi, Executive Member i/c Education (MADC) at New Siaha.

Siaha Dated 25th Feb, 2023: This morning, at New Siaha (Vety square) a brief programme was organized by MTP Br. New Siaha  in order to carried out a large scale disposal of drug confiscated by MTP Br. New Siaha.  The following drug were destroyed –

  1. Heroine – 20 box
  2. Drug pills – 5 box
  3. Local hooch – 200 ltrs

Total worth of Rs 7.8 lakhs by local rate.

          Puhpa MH. Tiabi, EM (MADC) grace this brief programme as Chief Guest he urge all MTP members to fight this deathly enemy by hook or by crook.

He added, MTP will not stand alone no more. The Mara Autonomous District Council is willing to fight this battle adjoining hand in hand with the MTP and stand firm in fighting against illicit drugs and Anti Illegal Trade.

He reminded the MTP members that they should not slow down or back down, leave alone reconsidering this war against drugs drives due to some sporadic criticisms or slanders posted on social media by certain vested interest peoples.

Moreover, on this occasion Puhpa Pakhaw Choza, President MTP Gen.HQ,Siaha delivered a short speech. On his speech he added that MTP members within Maraland must hold their feet firm on ground no matter what bouquets and brickbats come their way, they should never lose their focus and goal. He quote “We, the MTP Gen Hq and Maraland Anti Drug Committee had rung a our warning bell in fighting against this illicit drugs and its paddlers, I hope they heard us loud and clear” lame excuses and pardoning would not be our solution, he added.

written by : N. Solomon Beihlotha, Asst. Gen Secy & Admin (MTP Gen.HQ)

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