Shri M.LAIKAW, Chief Excutive Member (MADC) LAUNCHED MTP.Gen.HQ,Siaha Official website.


(IT Cell- MTP Gen. HQ, Siaha)

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Shri M. Laikaw, CEM launched MTP Gen. HQ, Siaha official website (

SIAHA 23rd Feb, 2023 (Thursaday): Today, at 1:00pm  Shri M. Laikaw, Chief Executive Member, MADC Siaha  launched MTP Gen.HQ, Siaha official website(  at Environment & Forest Department, MADC Hall, here in Siaha.

The programme was chaired by Puhpa N. Solomon Beihlotha, Asst. General Secretary, MTP Gen. Hq. & Admin IT Cell.  Rev. VL. Ngaia Hlychho, Sr. Executive Secretary, ECM Siaha devoted the programme in prayer.

Puhpa M. Laikaw, CEM (MADC) launchex the MTP Gen Hq official website – Speaking on this occasion; he thanked the IT Cell of the MTP Gen.HQ, Siaha for their all out efforts for the success of this pathbreaking venture and turning this day, historic day. The Hon’ble CEM reiterated that ‘a life we’ve been living-in now is merely a digitalized World, even the Government, corporate Companies and NGOs now is being moved by digitalization and we must be preparing to be digitalized in every way we could’

                The faster we are digitalized, the more extensive, the more modernized, and the more globalized we will be, I am happy to launch this wonderful venture by the IT Cell, MTP Gen.Hq, he added.

Speaking of which, he postulated that MTP’s establishment (1954) is far more senior to that of Mara Autonomous District Council which was established in 1972. He says that MTP is ever reliable enough  in assisting  the weak and the weary in time of their need . It is crucial that one must never ever forget what our founder and co-founder had built this organisation for – ‘To unite in aiding the deprived and needy’

He reminded the members that MADC and all NGOs within Siaha District had resolved to establish a new committee board (Maraland Anti Drug Committee – known as MAD-Comm) aiming to ‘fight against drugs and wide spread of HIV’ within Siaha District. Advising all MTP members to take to their goal and to stand their feet firm on the ground in any circumstances, so that no skirmishes should could sway us  against all odds.

Moreover, Puhpa  Pakhaw  Choza, President MTP Gen. HQ, Siaha made an articulate account of his experiences, summarizing activities in recent months. Followed by Puhpa T. Beihronga, Chairman IT Cell & Secy i/c Art& Culture MTP Gen.HQ,Siaha summarized technical oration.

On this occasion, the Hon’ble CEM and the Chief Guest was presented a memento as a token of appreciation on behalf of the IT Cell (MTP Gen Hq,Siaha) by  Puhpa Israel Chozah, General Secretary.

Puhpa KT. Beimokhai, IT Cell, Project Team, MTP Gen. Hq and Admin of the website backbone ended the functions with a proposal  of vote of thanks.

Written by:  N.Solomon Beihlotha.

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