From the desk of the Chairman (IT Cell)

One may disbelieve that the largest NGOs of Lakher/Mara communities in Indo-Myanmar border and one of the 2nd largest NGOs of the state Mizoram has been run for the past 69 years without proper official  platform, site and page in this era of digitalization and information technology.

Amidst such situation we have taken an initiatives arduous task and with much struggles and difficulties the Website of  MTP Gen. Hqr was finally launched here at Siaha on 23rd February, 2023.

Mara Thyutlia Py (MTP) he Shillong (Assam) liata kó 1953, 10th October liata eima nópaw hmiatuapa zy ta vaw padua ha ei ta, cha tawta atahma cha kó 70 daihma avaw cha ha ba. He khizaw kaokih zydua ta hmasiena làthló pangai pata ama ra pasua nga no ta, he Py deikua Khizaw pahno awpata Official page tlyma Site tlyma hnei lei pata vaw y hra sala, atahma cha nama deichhyna na ta eima Team member ,(manóh) zy hriapasana nata apiepasana zawzih ta Website Pha ngaitapa eima vaw hnei theipa he Ly achhi hmeiseih. Abeipa Khazopa ta mia chhitha lyma aw ta Mara saw zy chhao hmasiena hmiala tó lyma hraw pa ta Khokheina sà chaipa MTP Gen.Hqr. Siaha mohta SAMAW ei cha hla chyu ei.

T. Beihronga


Project Team-IT Cell


Secretary, Art & Culture

Mara Thyutlia Py (MTP)

Gen. Hqr. Siaha.

written by: T. Beihronga, Secy i/c Art & Culture & admin (MTP.Gen.HQ, Siaha)

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