Main Activities during Previous Term, 2019-2022.

  1. One of the main task of MTP was set up of Local Task Force to tackle the spread of Covid-19 Pandemic. So, the said Task Force has been set up throughout the region, and engaged themselves for supply of essential goods, monitoring of Quarantines, and regulation of Covid restriction norms.etc.
  2. Food, Clothes and Shelter has been provided to the displaced people and refugees who fled from Myanmar as a result of Military atrocities.
  3. Relief and rehabilitation and Disaster management :-

As the theme/motto of MTP itself was focus to this sphere. Families and Householders who are the victims due to disastrous accidental fire of the residents, farms and heavy Windstorms and floods received various kinds of humanitarian aids from MTP Gen. Hqrs, Sub-Hqrs and Branches. (T. Beihronga, Chairman IT Cell)

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