PRESS RELEASE by All NGOs (MTP(H), MSO(H),MCHP(H) and All Political Party (MDCC,BJP &ZPM) Siaha District.

All NGOs (MTP(H),MSO(H),MCHP(H)and All Political Pary(MDCC,BJP &ZPM) Siaha District.


Today, Siaha dated *28th February 2023*, a *joint meeting of all NGOs and all parties* within the MADC area was held, the meeting resolved that a mocking statement made by *Pu R. Lalzirliana, Minister MA& DCA, on 23rd February 2023*, which hurt the people within the respective Autonomous District Council and which shaken the unity, fraternity, and brotherhood. How so ever, on the *28th February, 2023, Pu R. Lalzirliana, Minister MA&DCA, re-iterated and reappealed forgiveness in Assembly House, Aizawl* via Live Telecast to the people within the Autonomous District Council for his wrongful mocking statement and incorrect commentary on the Sixth Schedule Amendment. The Joint Meeting carefully considered his request and unanimously decided to *pardon him in showing a genuinely Christian good deed*. Furthermore, the *joint meetings cancel the aforesaid Joint grievances programme* which is schedule on 1st March,2023 and encourage all Legislative Assembly Members to make a cautious oratory declaration in the near future.

The *Joint Meeting vehemently thanked Pu Lalduhawma, MLA*, for resolutely supporting the Sixth Schedule Amendment and sincerely agreeing on the 125th Parliamentary Amendment, as well as speaking publicly for the minority and the Autonomous District Council at large.

Moreover, *the joint meeting profoundly thanked Pu Lalthanhawla, Ex-CM, and his Ministry* for remarking a positive an excellent recommendation on the Sixth Schedule Amendment during their tenure, which act as a pillar for the Autonomous District Councils. It is heartbreaking to witness and heard that a few MLAs have made an erroneous remark during the Assembly Session.

When our people, caste, creed, and culture needed us the most, our society and all of its organizations and political parties remained firm. Yet, it is sad to see the MNF (Mizo National Front – Siaha District) continually withdraw their support when Maraland most needed it. We, the Joint Meeting, implore the MNF party to cease their political craziness, which reveals their true color.

It is widely acknowledged that the *PMJVK scheme’s primary goal is to help minorities inside Autonomous District Councils improve their education, health, and skill development*. Nonetheless, it is unfortunate that the Sports Ministry has monopolized the same concept without adequate advertising.

However still, it is a fact that no wonder crystal unambiguous monopoly had been played by the Minister and that DPR without the consent of the NECS (Northeastern Consultancy Services) is void and that it has been a restricted tender. Moreover, all NGOs and political parties inside MADC area earnestly resolve that a PMJVK scheme strictly for the minority within Autonomous District Councils be immediately handed over to the concerned ADCs.


*Translated by : IT Cell, MTP Gen.HQ, Siaha*.

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